Preparations for the Wonderful Dance.

This is an esoteric tantric ‘secret’ prayer dance.


1. From “The Wisdom of Jesus Christ”, Nag Hammadi Library

“….Behold, I have revealed to you the name of the Perfect One, the whole will of the Mother of the Holy Angels, that the masculine multitude may be completed here, that there

might appear in the aeons, the infinities and those that came to be in the untraceable wealth of the Great Invisible Spirit, that they all might take from his goodness, even the

wealth of their rest that has no kingdom over it. I came from First Who Was Sent, that I might reveal to you Him Who Is from the Beginning, because of the arrogance of Arch-

Begetter and his angels, since they say about themselves that they are gods. And I came to remove them from their blindness, that I might tell everyone about the God who is

above the universe.

Therefore, tread upon their graves, humiliate their malicious intent, and break their yoke and arouse my own.

I have given you authority over all things as Sons of Light,

that you might tread upon their power with your feet.”

These are the things the blessed Savior said, and he disappeared from them. Then all the disciples were in great, ineffable joy in the spirit from that day on. And his disciples began to preach the Gospel of God, the eternal, imperishable Spirit. Amen.

The Sophia of Jesus

Vegan Nazarene Dancers–

Now,  sitting or standing [within or in vision], I see the tombstones to trample down. I think of how angels have been shown sitting on  graves, how long they have sat, waiting for the healing. I notice chairs, similar to movie theater style chairs. Those are pressed down, also. Numerous are the chairs/broken style tombstones  to trample down, in many setting.

 Many or fewer are the yokes and styles of braces to break, and unclinging to do.

Dancers may push the smaller and some larger stones that are at my feet down the hill side. We will build small bridges between the teachings  down by the water side, not too big, so that the giants will not be able to cross over.  The clinging other bridges will now be detached. “We shall not let lands, houses, children or outside opinions cling.” [***Christ Jesus teachings found in The Gospels of Peace].

 Dancers will have had preparation work to be eunuch, “not appearing as male, not appearing as female, these two shall be one.” [New Testament ] Ask in secret prayer, do the best you can. Watch out  to transform where there are garment tricky tassles, and other unusual setups.

  The early Shakers were told to garment their Mirrors in white linen.

We ask for and give thanks to the garmenters, and the vine dressers, and the robe makers.

Dancers will have purged their temples of various vessels.

Dancers will be helped to read gnostic texts “The Wisdom of Christ Jesus”, and ” The Secret Book of John”  and the “Gospels of Peace” on the Angel Trees also.

Much Love, Gratitude

Other studies and notes ;

 2. Famous Quote

Matthew 11:29, 11:30,

Aramaic Bible in Plain English
Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am peaceful and meek in my heart and you will find rest for your souls.”

For my yoke is pleasant and my burden is light.”

New Living Translation
Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.”

King James Bible
Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

Recognition. Study on brace, braces, yoke, yoked, yokefellow,  brace your mind

brace  ;

yoke, yoked



3. Archeosophy

Dancers will be watchful to remove various style braces.

While watching the program “The Chariots of The Gods” on ancient super large stone buildings in Peru, South America, I noticed that some stones had braces, or deep indentations where metallic/ alloy braces in the classic shape of the Ego, or ‘I”  had once been.     [around the 35 minute marker is the example of those braces in outward building style that had to be removed from that temple. ]

It reminds one that sometimes we do things outwardly and inwardly that are wrong, and we have been told to make

correction. In the “Gospels of Peace [***Reference] It is again stated that “we shall not let lands, houses, children, or outside opinion cling”, whether by bracing, clinging or otherwise.

The outside opinion is also the outward diagnosis.  In Holy Bible Texts it is state to not ”join houses, or lands.” [***References]

Thus, these certain corrections would have been outward, and most certainly inward.


In another program, a well is discovered with ‘textiles’, symbolic to me of garments of righteousness, which have been taken off according to the Lord Christ’s Jesus’ command, yet, Christ does mention that we will trample the garments also with our feet.  At some time, we will strip and trample the garments, also.

4. Perusal of search on ‘yokes and braces’ for consideration in the dance, for many yokes and braces will be broken…204643.215669.0.216638.….0…1c.1.52.serp..23.9.2427.0.j-uzjwKzvXg…3947354.3949816.0.3951139.….0…1c.1.52.img..12.0.0.B_qb4O-uyLU


Perusal of tombs, tombstones, graves, thrones made out of tombstones.


Christ Jesus’ spirit dance “Trample Down Their Graves” dance is found in the gnostic text “The Sophia of Christ Jesus”. It is similar to, and followed by Christ’s Spirit dance “Press Down Holy Temple, Have Some More”. [***Reference ]

5. Graves, Tombs, Sepulcher, Tombstones, stones, hermed in stones, – Since some trampling down of garments and shoes and graves is being done [ don't forget to break those yokes and braces] , don’t forget those whited sepulcher’s ! He’s not there ! He is risen!  We can throw those stones down the hill, to the water side, and we can build little bridges between the teaching. Bridges not too big, so that the giants do not cross. Also, as told by the Hawaiian elder, don’t forget to make sure to not have bowls of stones [from some sins], those have to be put out also.


Tantra, Tantric.  This could definitely be considered a tantric dance.
“Because it elaborates (tan) copious and profound matters, especially relating to the principles of reality (tattva) and sacred mantras, and because it provides liberation (tra), it is called a tantra.” Also “A second, very similar to the first, comes from Swami Satyananda.
Tantra embodies two sanskrit words: tanoti (expands) and trayoti (liberates)… It is the system by which you liberate or separate the two aspects of consciousness and matter – purusha and prakriti or Shiva and Shakti.”


Diet as a word also means “Lifestyle”.  Living the Way Importance.  We want to be Children of Light, gaining true thought. We want to  be more than  ‘animals in human form’ without true thought, we want to be more than slave, more than Sons of Darkness [Sons of Darkness are still Sons of God, more explained in the Gospels of Peace.].  Living the Way with The Wonderful Diet As Vegan Nazarenes, harmless as doves, feeding the sheep, to obey and follow the Master Great Shepherd the Living Christ Jesus [Genesis 1:29,30, Numbers 6] . Also, this diet was instructed so as to ‘come out , and be separate, and be holy. Interestingly enough, the Nazarene way called  “Wonderful”.  The Vegan Nazarene diet does not partake of carcass or vine foods, or vinegars.  So, it is a bit more than just the First Genesis diet, because of the abstention from the vine.  “I Am The Vine”, says the Great Shepherd. Since we have had not , because we consumed it upon our lust, now we are not animals, because  do not eat of the  animal tree as the old Adam did, and we can have something more, because we are not consuming it. Yeah ! Mr. Potato, and Be a Kind Tomato, and a happy Raison, and a wonderful Mr. Peanut ! All the more to help others, and be one with the sacred life Friend , Christ Jesus the Ways hower, and Way, and “I Am The Vine”

To be part of the Vine more, we do not eat of the vines. There is more non-attachment , and more advancement.


Archeosophy  Buildings and Braces–Learning from the Archeology and  applicable Wisdom


You are spiritual. In secret prayer notify Holy One of intent to Dance Healing Dance, “Kiss the Christ”, Remember Christ Jesus Cross, and His Death, Glory in Christ and let your light shine with a conceptual spiritual healing dance. Love your enemies, Love All.

One part of the spiritual dance is similar to the second part. They both ‘press or trample down’.


2.  “Press down holy temples, so that you have more.”


“That is why the Good came into your midst, to the essence of every nature in order to restore it to its root.”



Background notes : “The Wisdom of Jesus Christ”, Nag Hammadi Gnostic Texts

Ever Mindful of Christ’s Beatitude love commands. Matthew Chapters 5-7,

Gospels of Peace, ,

Sons of Light are not carnivore. Carnivore diet [among other things] turns ‘Sons of God’ into a type called ‘Sons of Darkness’ .

The bodies are turned into graves with a carnivore diet and other malicious intent , this is trampled down in the spiritual dance. It

brings no harm to anyone.

While you are thinking about have the tombs and graves tramples down….this helpful Christ Jesus instruction “The dead seek for life, the living seek for [the Angel of death], to change its clothes to Life, and send it to heaven.” [***Reference].

“The last enemy is death” “Carnal Mind is Death”, Fear not little children, it is Our Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”. “Love perfect love castest out fear” -New Testament Gospels

“Gospel of Mary of Magdala” ,

The kind calm regard to put the matter to its root emphasizes the way of forgiveness, love, and healing.

Also the ‘put the matter to its root’ is similar to some thought in “The  Book of Job” ,  ‘the root of the matter’.  Chapter 19 verse 28.

For those interested in having little stone bridges built down by the water side, by Our holy angels, between the teachings (anointing).  We build the bridges small, so the giants can not cross over. Also, we are told to not t be giants, to be holy, and put on the perfect son of Humanity Christ Jesus, for Our Living Father in Heaven is Holy Spirit. (Christ Jesus).

We may Learn from Christ, to do as he did, and would have done.


Publication Note  “These editions are a sequel to Book I of the Gospel, first published in 1937 In the United Kingdom with the title The  Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ by the Disciple John  published by The C.W. Daniel Co Ltd.”  In the United States with the title The Essene  Gospel of John. (later editions:  The Essene Gospel of Peace [1]) (Academy Books).

Taking Off Bridges, Building Brides

Importance for unclinging bridges is for heath, and to escape slavery ,’ (Christ Jesus “Gospels of Peace, page Book Two” 94) . Some bridges have been built too large, some are as vessels clinging to the temple.

“Know ye, that thy house, thy land, thy sons and daughters, all the joys of fortune and sorrows of tribulation, yea, even that opinion which others do hold of thee, all these things belong to thee not.  And if you then do lust after these things and hold fast to them, and grieve and exult over them then in truth thou are a slave, and in slavery wilt thou remain.

     My children, let not the things which are not thing cleave unto thee!

And the other work with the holy angels action is  building bridges ‘down by the water side, not too big (so the giants will not cross [***Reference]) with stones found down by the water side, between the teachings’.

This spiritual healing and tantric dance  is similar to the ‘in ‘secret’ (esoteric) spiritual dance ‘ tramping down with your feet the false gods graves, their angels and powers, and breaking their yokes’ , the command and authority given to Children of Light in “The Sophia of Christ Jesus” .


from “THE ESSENE GOSPELS OF PEACE, BOOK TWO, THE UNKNOW BOOKS OF THE  ESSENES”, The Original Hebrew and Aramaic Texts translated and edited by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. page 94

“Know ye that thy house, thy land, thy sons and daughters, all the joys of fortune and sorrows of tribulation, yea, even that opinion which others do hold of thee, all these things belong to thee not. And if ye then do lust after these things, and hold fast to them, and grieve and exult over them, then in truth thou art a slave, and in slavery wilt thou remain. My children, let not the things which are not thine cleave unto thee.”

from Christ Jesus teachings in ” “The Communions” in “THE ESSENE GOSPELS OF PEACE, BOOK TWO, THE UNKNOWN BOOKS OF THE  ESSENES”, The Original Hebrew and Aramaic Texts translated and edited by Edmond Bordeaux Szekely. page 31, 32 and, 34.

page 31

Tell us Master, how may we talk with the angels, and stay within their holy circle, that the Law may burn in our hearts with a constant flame?”

And Jesus spoke to them:

To lift your eyes to heaven

When all mens’ eyes are on the ground,

Is not easy.

To worship at the feet of the angels

When all men worship only fame and riches,

Is not easy.

But the most difficult of all

Is to think the thoughts of the angels,

To speak the words of the angels,

And to do as angels do.”

page 32

And one man spoke” “But, Master, we are but men, we are not angels. How then can we hope to walk in their ways? Tell us what we must do.”

 And Jesus spoke:

“As the son inherits the land of his father,

So have we inherited a Holy Land

From our Fathers.

This land is not a field to be ploughed,

But a place within us

Where we may build our Holy Temple.

And even as a temple must be raised,

Stone by stone,

So will I give to you those stones

For the building of the Holy Temple;

That which we have inherited

From our Fathers,

And their Father’s Fathers.”

And all the men gathered around Jesus, and their faces shone with desire to hear the words which would come from his lips.  And he lifted his face to the rising sun, and the radiance of its rays filled his eyes as he spoke:

“The Holy Temple can be built

Only with the ancient Communions,

Those which are spoken,

Those which are thought,

And those which are lived.

For if they are spoken only with the mouth,

They are as a dead hive

Which the bees have forsaken

That gives no more honey.

The Communions are a bridge

Between man and the angels,

page 34

And like a bridge,

Can be built only with patience,

Yea, even as the bridge over the river

Is fashioned stone by stone,

As they are found by the waters edge.




The “Wonderful Way with the  life respect diet  Nazarene Vegan is a vital part of preparing the way for the communions, and the bridge building.  Abstinence from using any vine stuffs for foods, with enable more access to work with “THE VINE” .












Interesting Correlation of Prophecy

“That opinion which others do hold of thee…let not the things which are not thine cleave unto thee! (Gospel of Peace, Book 2, page 94) ” [bold emphasis added]

This vital no-cling concept of this Christ teaching was also a revealed spiritual healing inspiration to Mary Baker Glover, as a result of her prayers to understand the science of spiritual healing in the 1860’s A.D. around Fifty years before the much needed rediscovery of the Gospels of Peace, by Edmund Bordeaux Szekely.

To not let cleave  these would  even include diagnosis, judgemental attitudes, not based in the Truth of Christ and Spirit Law [Our Heavenly Father].





Note : After the “Wisdom of Christ Jesus” dance esoteric, mentioned towards the end of the gnostic text, the rains began again, no more

bypassing the dwelling space, a garden woods by a river.



The Clouds Are Beautiful

You Too Have A Cloud

It has to be full of water

Let it rain itself upon

The Dry an Needful Places

We Will Give Water

To the Cracked Muds

For They Need Love

Waters are a solvent of Love

For the Ninth Day needs water

For You Are The Day

The Lord Has Made

Let My Cloud Rain

One Day It Will Be Full

To End The Evil

Rain Your Clouds

There is water within the water

To Water The Needful Ones

To Water The Needful Places

There is Water In The Water

Water Until The Water Returns

And The Clouds are Full Again

We can purge our temple of

vessels, for we are the vessels, the spiritual temple

We are Angel Trees of Life

Let Us Rain Our Clouds

Let It Be A Rain Dance


[Reflections On The Lord Of The Clouds and Waters Teachings The Gnostic and Gospels of Peace teaching of Lord Christ Jesus, Nazarene- Emmanuel]






You are the Day the Lord Hath Made

You are the Children of Light

Become one with the Light

Of the Holy Streams

You are the Resurrection

Be Resurrected Again and Again

Remember Supreme Being

Ask and Be Born To The Father

Stay in Heaven , Even If Told To Leave

You are the Sons of Light

Make Peace with all

The Slaughter and Holocaust

Against the Lamb

And All Creatures Is Ending

Make Peace happen

Peace of Mind

Peace of Heart

Peace of Body

Peace with Mother

Peace with Father

Peace with All

You Are Spiritual

Be Holy



All of the Commandments,Yamas, and Yogas ways have important meaning.  Yet, To stop the killing

of Earthlings is very immediately blest, and meaningful, and will bring enlightenment to any life.  Enjoy life, live it without killing.

Note: The recent Colorado vote to not store rain water apparently has some roots of correlation to our spiritual need to let our waters rain.  We on the living way [vegan, nazarene is also no vine foodstuffs, vines have more completion work to do to also be born to the Father in Heaven] have been instructed in the Gospels to purge vessels in our body temple, which as vegan Nazarenes we certainly would want to put the vessels out of the temple, with love and gratitude.

It is about LOVE, and You have some to share. It is in the form of water in your spirit cloud.  

We are told to have  our  spirit cloud full of water in Christ Jesus’ gnostic teachings [***Reference ].  We  have some water, and the wonderful news is that we can actually really give of our water, we can pray [we are advised to have prayer in secret, to Heavenly Father] to share our water, Love, and the love we have is in the form of  living water.

We can partake in the  goals to  want gentle replenishment of Earth, to have more like Heaven on Earth; we help when we  share our temple cloud water in Christ, in the Begotten Son.

Some found Christ Teachings [***reference request] that are Helpful :

“Cracked Mud Needs Love, Water It.”

“Water Heaven.”

We can “give our water to the dead and they will live and give water to the living and they will live.”

We do not have to “pass on” to share our water, and sharing in this life for increase  is another way to help our ‘grain bins’ and our water tank to be full for growing and helping. Even Joseph shared grain in the drought. In these vegan times, the drought is ending, and even exponentially so, and as we share what living water we have in The Good Shepherd, will help others.

Fasting helps, especially for healing “Fast and Pray” taught Christ Jesus, the Nazarene.

Though  the straight and narrow Living Way is strict vegetarian, with obeying Yamas, and Commandments.

Some have heard of the Buddha Painters, that paint our temples with mud (clay thought).   Something is too going on with those

natural paints, and we look forward to having holy temples attained.

Yet, on a side thought,  the old mind is like old scrolls, broken and brittle, we are told to bury that, like we ‘bury’ the

female parts [it is a spiritual dance move that we ask Christ Jesus The Good Shepherd to help us with each time].

And the Male parts they put away in chains of a spiritual nature. This is work to become more celibate eunuch, and to transcend with preparedness.

Who used to have a carnivore diet and is now vegan is also changing their hearts of stone, in to hearts of flesh, through prayer, and all the help one can get from the Lord Good Shepherd and the Holy Angels.

Make Holy Your Thought of Water.

Namaste’ is lovely to give to The Angels of Our Angel Tree of Life with The Earthly Mother, and Heavenly Father .

Let It Be A Dance

Grape vine and sinew dream catcher with turquo...

Grape vine and sinew dream catcher with turquoise stones surrounding quartz crystal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let it be a dance, Let it be a dance.

We have been told by very wise men to be wary of the vine, for it uproots the plants.  It is true that we do not want to uproot each other in the dance.

THE VINE and THE BEANS and We heard about hearing it on the Grape Vine.

There have been some interesting clues about Beans found in the Correlative Wisdom Studies. Here are some thoughts for consideration about Beans and the Vine Plants, that I expect to make a difference in the lives in our family.

Evidently, Krishnas’ practice not eating vines at least some of the time, primarily on the 13th of each month, as there is report of some clinging ‘energy’ that has to be transcended.

The Nazarene Code in The Book of Numbers, Chapter Six gives directions to come out and be separate, and be holy. It includes instructions to not use the vine for food or other uses, also to not use carcasses.

The Begotten Lord Messiah Nazarene Yeshua’s Vine Teachings are still being received. In found gnostic teachings, the Lord Christ called the Nazarene Code the Truth, and ”the truth that will set you free”.  [**Reference Request]

Buddhists like to ‘bow’ to the truth in all directions.

Also, Lord Messiah,  taught “Some vines have yet to be born to the Father in Heaven”, and ‘If the vine were allowed to grow and grow, it would uproot and strangle out all the plants in the world.’ That prophecy point is vital. The instructions to not uproot the tares before the good seed(s) are grown, so that the good seeds are not uprooted are also very important. On those two prophecies, there is evidence of a need for carefulness and life respect. We see that there is too much strangling out of the good plants given to us for food and healing. We see that there is a lot of harsh plant treatments. Already, it looks like vine thought is going finding ways to strangle out plants, in relativity.

Other strange things that I found in the Vine and Bean Studies :

In vision, the vine of grapes has whipping around movement its vine yard place.

“You have not, because you consume it upon your lusts” and its correlative

“You can’t be what you eat.”

The are people with the Family Name Bean and McBean.

There is report of a Bean King, and a Mr. Bean,.

A report of a “Tomato Billy”.

In Ancient Egypt, it was against the law to eat beans.

In Ancient Greece, it is said that one voted with their beans.

There was a story by Ferrol Sam’s, that appears to be a prophecy in arts message about some secret hierarchical antics where the watermelons were used to load our “vehicles” down on the journey .

Does not Soy mean “I Am” in Dutch ?

And the Jack and the Bean Stalk Story….whatever that really means.

I decided to follow the Lord Messiah, it wise to be careful, , and to avoid collision by not eating vine stuffs, for these and other reasons, particularly the Nazarene Code, and the Krishna’s Practice on the 13th, we vegan activists with vegan cats and vegan no-kill way have embraced the Nazarene Code. Also, I sure don’t weed the garden on Sabbath Day, and take extra special mindfulness when the garden does need weeding. We are more at Peace.

References are welcome for any other information about the Vine and Bean truths, stories, and references or information about these.

It is a true Christ-like Harmless as doves practice to have a healthy vegetarian diet , a Living Way. Our Brother/sister Creatures will work with you more and thank you, and help bring more on Earth as it is in Heaven.


John 15 v 3-6

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The yellow cross worn by Cathar repentants.

The yellow cross worn by Cathar repentants. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A CODE IN THE TORAH PORTION.  In the Book of Numbers Chapter 6, is a set of instructions sometimes called “The Nazarene Code”. No carcass or vine stuff eating or using. Through the ages, some code has been important. This is it, it is very interesting.

Still in India, on the 13th day of each month, many people of faith also do not eat various plants stuffs and carcasses, similar to keeping the Nazarene Code.

To not eat death, is to be vegan and not eat carcasses, and also eat more fresh live foods [we eat the Angel of the plants] in the diet, it is a way to live that brings more kingdom come, and more Heaven, more brotherly love with All Creatures.

Living with the Nazarene Code helps prepare the way. With “The Essene Gospels of Peace”, Christ‘s kabbalah ,Tree of Life teachings, and Holy Streams Yoga (Yoke) have much interesting good news, and sacred way teachings.

Even the Vegan Cats and Vegan Dogs can have a Nazarene Diet, and be happy.


Stecak (Photo credit: blandm)

And, we also  like to find the rocks up higher and roll them down to the waterside. This healing is mentioned in many places, by different Wisdom teachers;

*as an Inuit way, as found to be reported  in a book named “Spirit Justice” by Ben Mikelson,

*and the bridge building is also mentioned in one of The Little Darling  Krishna Stories,

* Lord Christ Jesus [Messiah Nazarene Yehshuah] taught to build bridges down by the water side between the teachings, but do not build them too big, so that the giants do not cross on them.

* Lord Buddha‘s teaching on bridge building was that ‘we they see a bridge, they must wish to construct the bridge of the teaching to let the people cross.” (“The Teachings of Buddha” page 410, BUKKYO DENDO KYOKAI (Buddhist Promoting Foundation), Tokyo, Japan, 1981 edition.)

*The Ancient Edda’s have instructions to take down the Hymdal “Fire” bridge.

The Spiritual building of  bridges has some mystery to it.  We are told in the Essene Gospels of Peace to not let cling lands, houses, children, or outside opinions.  Also, Christ Gospels instruct to  purge our temples of vessels.

The Living Way, Vegan Nazarene Code Diet/Lifestyle is light, helpful and a healing aid as well as used for transcendent development.

Namaste’ To The Dead and Living

ISKCON desire tree - Radha and Krishna Dance T...

ISKCON desire tree – Radha and Krishna Dance Together on a Glorious full Moon Night (Photo credit: ISKCON desire tree)

 You are spiritual.

One survival of the wonderful gnostic texts,  was  brief, only a sentence or two.  I think that I read it in this Mystery Garden World, yet I am still trying to re-find that lovely little tract.  If anyone knows of  which tract I am referring to, please send references !

It was once published as a part of a pseudo-enemy critical text. The  complainer said something sort of negative, and then the gnostic dance tract that He was referring to was shown forth.  The gnostic text said something like “We are spiritual, we escape our prison body thought through the doors, kiss the Christ, and shining our light dance in the spirit, to our Heavenly Father…we also  press down on our Holy Temple. ….”, It is something like this.

Also, paramount for us is the purging of our temples, for what we bring forth will save us, and what we leave in will destroy us….! Oh, and One question is “Are we supposed to talk to those Angels and Godly visitors, or be quiet?, look at them directly , normally, and  Namaste’?

Shine Shine Shine Your Lights

Press Down , Press Down , Press Down those Holy Temples.

Blessings Prayers in Secret

We are enjoying the Vegan Nazarene Code [The Book of Numbers, Chapter 6] , Essene Gospels of Peace translated by E.B. Szekely, and shaman teachings, among others, and organic growing.  The is much holy life development going on.

We enjoy “love all as the sun does shine on good and evil alike, and love a thousand times more those who do there Heavenly Father’s good will.” [from the Lord  Yeshuah's  teachings in the Essene Gospels of Peace'.]


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