The Clouds Are Beautiful

You Too Have A Cloud

It has to be full of water

Let it rain itself upon

The Dry an Needful Places

We Will Give Water

To the Cracked Muds

For They Need Love

Be a solvent of Love

For the Ninth Day

For You Are The Day

The Lord Has Made

Let My Cloud Rain

One Day It Will Be Full

To End The Evil

Rain Your Clouds

To Water The Needful Ones

To Water The Needful Places

There is Water In The Water

Water Until The Water Returns

And The Clouds are Full Again

We can purge our temple of

vessels, for we are the vessels, the spiritual temple

We are Angel Trees of Life

Let Us Rain Our Clouds

Let It Be A Rain Dance

[Reflections On The Lord Of The Clouds and Waters Teachings The Nazarene Christ Jesus Emmanuel, Gospels of Peace....]






You are the Day the Lord Hath Made

You are the Children of Light

Become one with the Light

Of the Holy Streams

You are the Resurrection

Be Resurrected Again and Again

Remember Supreme Being

Ask and Be Born To The Father

Stay in Heaven , Even If Told To Leave

You are the Sons of Light

Make Peace with all

The Slaughter and Holocaust

Against the Lamb

And All Creatures Is Ending

Make Peace happen

Peace of Mind

Peace of Heart

Peace of Body

Peace with Mother

Peace with Father

Peace with All

You Are Spiritual

Be Holy



All of the Commandments,Yamas, and Yogas ways have important meaning.  Yet, To stop the killing

of Earthlings is very immediately blest, and meaningful, and will bring enlightenment to any life.  Enjoy life, live it without killing.

Note: The recent Colorado vote to not store rain water apparently has some roots of correlation to our spiritual need to let our waters rain.  We on the living way [vegan, nazarene is also no vine foodstuffs, vines have more completion work to do to also be born to the Father in Heaven] have been instructed in the Gospels to purge vessels in our body temple, which as vegan Nazarenes we certainly would want to put the vessels out of the temple, with love and gratitude.

It is about LOVE, and You have some to share. It is in the form of water in your spirit cloud.  

We are told to have  our  spirit cloud full of water in Christ Jesus’ gnostic teachings [***Reference ].  We  have some water, and the wonderful news is that we can actually really give of our water, we can pray [we are advised to have prayer in secret, to Heavenly Father] to share our water, Love, and the love we have is in the form of  living water.

We can partake in the  goals to  want gentle replenishment of Earth, to have more like Heaven on Earth; we help when we  share our temple cloud water in Christ, in the Begotten Son.

Some found Christ Teachings [***reference request] that are Helpful :

“Cracked Mud Needs Love, Water It.”

“Water Heaven.”

We can “give our water to the dead and they will live and give water to the living and they will live.”

We do not have to “pass on” to share our water, and sharing in this life for increase  is another way to help our ‘grain bins’ and our water tank to be full for growing and helping. Even Joseph shared grain in the drought. In these vegan times, the drought is ending, and even exponentially so, and as we share what living water we have in The Good Shepherd, will help others.

Fasting helps, especially for healing “Fast and Pray” taught Christ Jesus, the Nazarene.

Though  the straight and narrow Living Way is strict vegetarian, with obeying Yamas, and Commandments.

Some have heard of the Buddha Painters, that paint our temples with mud (clay thought).   Something is too going on with those

natural paints, and we look forward to having holy temples attained.

Yet, on a side thought,  the old mind is like old scrolls, broken and brittle, we are told to bury that, like we ‘bury’ the

female parts [it is a spiritual dance move that we ask Christ Jesus The Good Shepherd to help us with each time].

And the Male parts they put away in chains of a spiritual nature. This is work to become more celibate eunuch, and to transcend with preparedness.

Who used to have a carnivore diet and is now vegan is also changing their hearts of stone, in to hearts of flesh, through prayer, and all the help one can get from the Lord Good Shepherd and the Holy Angels.

Make Holy Your Thought of Water.

Namaste’ is lovely to give to The Angels of Our Angel Tree of Life with The Earthly Mother, and Heavenly Father .

Let It Be A Dance

Grape vine and sinew dream catcher with turquo...

Grape vine and sinew dream catcher with turquoise stones surrounding quartz crystal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let it be a dance, Let it be a dance.

We have been told by very wise men to be wary of the vine, for it uproots the plants.  It is true that we do not want to uproot each other in the dance.

THE VINE and THE BEANS and We heard about hearing it on the Grape Vine.

There have been some interesting clues about Beans found in the Correlative Wisdom Studies. Here are some thoughts for consideration about Beans and the Vine Plants, that I expect to make a difference in the lives in our family.

Evidently, Krishnas’ practice not eating vines at least some of the time, primarily on the 13th of each month, as there is report of some clinging ‘energy’ that has to be transcended.

The Nazarene Code in The Book of Numbers, Chapter Six gives directions to come out and be separate, and be holy. It includes instructions to not use the vine for food or other uses, also to not use carcasses.

The Begotten Lord Messiah Nazarene Yeshua’s Vine Teachings are still being received. In found gnostic teachings, the Lord Christ called the Nazarene Code the Truth, and ”the truth that will set you free”.  [**Reference Request]

Buddhists like to ‘bow’ to the truth in all directions.

Also, Lord Messiah,  taught “Some vines have yet to be born to the Father in Heaven”, and ‘If the vine were allowed to grow and grow, it would uproot and strangle out all the plants in the world.’ That prophecy point is vital. The instructions to not uproot the tares before the good seed(s) are grown, so that the good seeds are not uprooted are also very important. On those two prophecies, there is evidence of a need for carefulness and life respect. We see that there is too much strangling out of the good plants given to us for food and healing. We see that there is a lot of harsh plant treatments. Already, it looks like vine thought is going finding ways to strangle out plants, in relativity.

Other strange things that I found in the Vine and Bean Studies :

In vision, the vine of grapes has whipping around movement its vine yard place.

“You have not, because you consume it upon your lusts” and its correlative

“You can’t be what you eat.”

The are people with the Family Name Bean and McBean.

There is report of a Bean King, and a Mr. Bean,.

A report of a “Tomato Billy”.

In Ancient Egypt, it was against the law to eat beans.

In Ancient Greece, it is said that one voted with their beans.

There was a story by Ferrol Sam’s, that appears to be a prophecy in arts message about some secret hierarchical antics where the watermelons were used to load our “vehicles” down on the journey .

Does not Soy mean “I Am” in Dutch ?

And the Jack and the Bean Stalk Story….whatever that really means.

I decided to follow the Lord Messiah, it wise to be careful, , and to avoid collision by not eating vine stuffs, for these and other reasons, particularly the Nazarene Code, and the Krishna’s Practice on the 13th, we vegan activists with vegan cats and vegan no-kill way have embraced the Nazarene Code. Also, I sure don’t weed the garden on Sabbath Day, and take extra special mindfulness when the garden does need weeding. We are more at Peace.

References are welcome for any other information about the Vine and Bean truths, stories, and references or information about these.

It is a true Christ-like Harmless as doves practice to have a healthy vegetarian diet , a Living Way. Our Brother/sister Creatures will work with you more and thank you, and help bring more on Earth as it is in Heaven.


John 15 v 3-6

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The yellow cross worn by Cathar repentants.

The yellow cross worn by Cathar repentants. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A CODE IN THE TORAH PORTION.  In the Book of Numbers Chapter 6, is a set of instructions sometimes called “The Nazarene Code”. No carcass or vine stuff eating or using. Through the ages, some code has been important. This is it, it is very interesting.

Still in India, on the 13th day of each month, many people of faith also do not eat various plants stuffs and carcasses, similar to keeping the Nazarene Code.

To not eat death, is to be vegan and not eat carcasses, and also eat more fresh live foods [we eat the Angel of the plants] in the diet, it is a way to live that brings more kingdom come, and more Heaven, more brotherly love with All Creatures.

Living with the Nazarene Code helps prepare the way. With “The Essene Gospels of Peace”, Christ‘s kabbalah ,Tree of Life teachings, and Holy Streams Yoga (Yoke) have much interesting good news, and sacred way teachings.

Even the Vegan Cats and Vegan Dogs can have a Nazarene Diet, and be happy.


Stecak (Photo credit: blandm)

And, we also  like to find the rocks up higher and roll them down to the waterside. This healing is mentioned in many places, by different Wisdom teachers;

*as an Inuit way, as found to be reported  in a book named “Spirit Justice” by Ben Mikelson,

*and the bridge building is also mentioned in one of The Little Darling  Krishna Stories,

* Lord Christ Jesus [Messiah Nazarene Yehshuah] taught to build bridges down by the water side between the teachings, but do not build them too big, so that the giants do not cross on them.

* Lord Buddha‘s teaching on bridge building was that ‘we they see a bridge, they must wish to construct the bridge of the teaching to let the people cross.” (“The Teachings of Buddha” page 410, BUKKYO DENDO KYOKAI (Buddhist Promoting Foundation), Tokyo, Japan, 1981 edition.)

*The Ancient Edda’s have instructions to take down the Hymdal “Fire” bridge.

The Spiritual building of  bridges has some mystery to it.  We are told in the Essene Gospels of Peace to not let cling lands, houses, children, or outside opinions.  Also, Christ Gospels instruct to  purge our temples of vessels.

The Living Way, Vegan Nazarene Code Diet/Lifestyle is light, helpful and a healing aid as well as used for transcendent development.

Namaste’ To The Dead and Living

ISKCON desire tree - Radha and Krishna Dance T...

ISKCON desire tree – Radha and Krishna Dance Together on a Glorious full Moon Night (Photo credit: ISKCON desire tree)

 You are spiritual.

One survival of the wonderful gnostic texts,  was  brief, only a sentence or two.  I think that I read it in this Mystery Garden World, yet I am still trying to re-find that lovely little tract.  If anyone knows of  which tract I am referring to, please send references !

It was once published as a part of a pseudo-enemy critical text. The  complainer said something sort of negative, and then the gnostic dance tract that He was referring to was shown forth.  The gnostic text said something like “We are spiritual, we escape our prison body thought through the doors, kiss the Christ, and shining our light dance in the spirit, to our Heavenly Father…we also  press down on our Holy Temple. ….”, It is something like this.

Also, paramount for us is the purging of our temples, for what we bring forth will save us, and what we leave in will destroy us….! Oh, and One question is “Are we supposed to talk to those Angels and Godly visitors, or be quiet?, look at them directly , normally, and  Namaste’?

Shine Shine Shine Your Lights

Press Down , Press Down , Press Down those Holy Temples.

Blessings Prayers in Secret

We are enjoying the Vegan Nazarene Code [The Book of Numbers, Chapter 6] , Essene Gospels of Peace translated by E.B. Szekely, and shaman teachings, among others, and organic growing.  The is much holy life development going on.

We enjoy “love all as the sun does shine on good and evil alike, and love a thousand times more those who do there Heavenly Father’s good will.” [from the Lord  Yeshuah's  teachings in the Essene Gospels of Peace'.]

I noticed that one of the names for Chaos is Divinity, in a gnostic teaching.  Interestingly enough, Christ mentions to be Holy, for the Father in Heaven in Holy. It is a key insight to a fundamental difference between Holy, and Divinity.

Daily, untold multitudes pray in secret to love and forgive the divine order.

In the Lord’s Prayer; it is in the part that says “Forgive us our debts, as

we forgive our debtors.” In “The Essene Gospels of Peace” , (a recently

revealed early messianic gnostic collection, that was found hidden for safety

in the

Vatican’s Secret Archives by E.B.Szekely), well, in these Gospels of Peace,

it is revealed that Our Divine Order is in deception, to pray for their nurturing

daily, and also that if the Divine Order does not forgive, then they are sent

away as the ‘wicked creditors’.  One correlative in the New Testament is the parable of the “Wicked Creditor”, who is warned to forgive (heal).  The ” Prophecy in Arts” correlation that shows needs of divine order is shown in a movie about “Harry Potter“, as the message about the Gringoots bank being “robbed,”.  Evidently, those Gringott bankers have need for reinstruction that the living way of green is vegan/Nazarene diet Yama’s keeping way,  for red is the nightmare bloody slaughter .  One correlation is in  Japanese Book of Buddha  teaching, where we are told that a poor artist places  money  for safe keeping with some other divine order players, the Buddhist Monks [page 288, "The Teaching of Buddha", Bukkyo Dendo Kyokai, 1966].  That   alchemic coin money goes to the Angels bags, eventually [ see Gospel of Peace Book 1,2,3,4].

Our “alchemic money” is from the fasting and healthy vegan-ish style diet of the faithful.

Also, we have to make peace with our angels/elohim/gods, for true peace.

For understanding about our divine order in (you are are part of it also),

see ; the Chess Set pieces,  the Tree of Life Angelic elements as shown

in “The Essene Gospels of Peace”,  Also, E.B. Szekely’s work for correlative

work for understanding “The Essene Book of Asha” and “THE ZEND AVESTA OF



Vegan Prison Dance


If you or a friend are in some sort of facility or institution [or will report for imprisonment ], it is usually necessary to mention to the Dietician or other case worker, one’s need for a strict vegan diet.

To have a vegan diet is a basic human right and responsibility.  See Book of Genesis 1:29, 30,, Book of Matthew 10:16  .

You may have to give what the Prison or other Institution documents as  a valid reason to have a vegan dietary preference met. Religious or Medical are the most commonly used reasons to give these days.

There are progressive vegan Physicians [also known as real Doctors ] who could and do give a Physician’s Prescription for a Strict Vegan Diet. See Hawaiian Vegetarian Society Videos for more information.

Veganism does fulfill the definition of  a “religious practice”, or “ethical practice”

Some do not use the word “Religion” anymore, they say “Freedom of Conscience” or some similar phrasing.
If they ask which religion, you can tell them what you feel comfortable saying that is acceptable. There are other acceptable options of valid reasons to give in the request of vegan meals and duty assignments.

Greater and more ethical corrections will be available and in practice as we live our lives without harming others.  More  heaven on Earth is achieved with life respect and love of all, while maintaining  faith in  greater Divine Being, than is done with killing and evil long-term prison sentencing.  The changes can come rapidly and safely.

We see that better and more Heaven is already happening in this World , as  in Sweden Corrections,   and as we live without killing we prepare the way of the Lord, and we prepare the way of the people (people do not eat animals).

We  expect more health and heavenly freedoms for all on Earth, as more live the  way of life without killing.

Watching and working to have better corrections for “On Earth, As It Is In Heaven“.

Life Respect begets Life Respect



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